Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services for Winston Salem, Mocksville & Clemmons, NC


While it is possible to refinish your own hardwood flooring, you’re taking a big risk if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you hire a professional to refinish your hardwood floors, you'll come out on the other side of the project with perfectly restored hardwood. We have the equipment and expertise needed to get the work done properly. If you opt to do it yourself, you'll save money but could wind up unhappy with the result. Any mistakes made in the process will stick out like a sore thumb. A drum sander is typically used in the process, and if you stay in the same spot for even slightly too long, you’ll put a huge, permanent mark in your floor.

Don’t take that chance! Call in the hardwood flooring refinishing experts at Sandman Flooring Inc. We'll make sure the job is done properly.

Benefits of Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood flooring is one of the most durable materials on the market today. Unfortunately, over time it is not uncommon to see some wear and tear that distracts from its beauty. However, simply refinishing your floors can restore their beauty and potentially even change their appearance! Professional hardwood floor refinishing offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Restore Appearance - Getting your hardwood floor refinished means saying goodbye to all of the scratches, dents, and unpleasant surface textures that have popped up throughout the years. Before you know it, you'll have beautiful hardwood flooring that will look new once again.
  • Coordinate with Updated Design - Are your current hardwood floors an eyesore? Are they a shade that just doesn't match your aesthetic or design preferences, no matter how hard you try? During the hardwood floor refinishing process, your floors can be stained any shade you'd like! Refinishing can bring your flooring and your entire home into the current century.
  • Improve Home Value - It goes without saying that a beautifully refinished floor will improve your home value. If you plan on selling in the future, a beautiful floor can help persuade a potential buyer, as well.
  • Save Money - Aging and damaged hardwood requires significant maintenance and cleaning to slow down the effects. Save yourself money on cleaning products and the hassle by refinishing your hardwood flooring. The investment is less expensive than replacement and will help to reduce your maintenance costs!
  • Increase Safety - Damaged hardwood isn't just an eyesore, it can also be a safety hazard. Avoid splinters, scrapes, and other serious injuries by repairing and refinishing your floors. Hardwood flooring refinishing can help to stop safety hazards before they become a problem.
  • Ward Off Pests - Pests like ants and termites are attracted to dark and small spaces, both of which damaged hardwood flooring could provide. Refinishing your floors can protect it from unwanted pests, sealing their entry to make a house in your home.